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Yuva Jyothi

Yuva Jyothi – Care and Support Centre for Children On the Street

Located at St Martin Nagar, Jaripatka, north of Nagpur city, the YuvaJyothi Care and Support Centre is a home away from home for children who have been disadvantaged. Over 700 children have accessed the YuvaJyothi since it opened in 2003. These children predominantly lived on the street and railway platform.  Children staying at YuvaJyothi are provided with constant care in an environment where they can interact with their peers and community elders.

Yuva Jyothi provides:

  • accommodation
  • food
  • clothing
  • hygiene facilities
  • health care
  • counselling
  • family mediation and reunion
  • access to education
  • non-formal educational programs including life skills programs
  • holiday programs, events and recreational activities
  • vocational guidance
  • livelihood opportunities
  • referral support

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