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Urja – for empowerment of the socio-economically disadvantaged urban women through sustainable livelihood options

The project aims to contribute to the empowerment of the socio-economically disadvantaged urban women, including adolescent female population. The project is being implemented through 3 Centres namely Pardi, Yashodhranagar and Chikali that cover about 10 slum communities having a population of about 12000 in Nagpur city. This initiative will help i) the women to earn their livelihood with dignity and sustain their lives; ii) to empower the adolescent girls to protect themselves from all forms of exploitation and make right choices and decisions for their lives; and iii) to ensure that the vulnerable households of the target groups to have the ability to send their children to school and retain them in formal education. The activities in the project include formation of groups of the beneficiaries, Project Steering Committee (PSC), and Project Management Committee (PMC); imparting vocational skills and provision of livelihood opportunities; socio-legal training; reproductive and general health education; and observance of the National Girl Child Day and the International Day of the Girl Child. Presently 75 women and adolescent girls are undergoing training in garment making.

The project is supported by Dare2Dream Foundation, South Australia.