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Principal’s Message

We at St. Aloysius have been and are trying our best to make our children feel a sense of belonging to the school, develop in them human qualities such as love, respect, humility, patience, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, friendship and service to others. They are made aware of the sense of the Divine and respect for elders along with duties, rights and patriotism.

In this holy task I am privileged to have a devoted teaching and non-teaching staff who is imbued with Ignatian Charism of “MAGIS’. They know that their role is not being a sage on the stage but a guide at the side of students. They walk with students in their life growth process. They are on a mission to teach students not only how to walk but also where to walk. Here I must remember thankfully all the past Headmasters, Asst. Headmasters, Rectors, Jesuits, Teachers, and  the PTA.

I am grateful to you, the PTA executive committee members, all the parents (past and present), alumni/ae, well-wishers, and officials of various Departments for your support and encouragement. You have stood by us in sun and shower and proved to be a great pillar of strength in our need. People all over consider St. Aloysius as one of the most famous Institution. It is so because you have valued it so first. Thank you, God bless you all.