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COVID-19 Response

During the 1st wave of COVID-19, ICID set up a Community Kitchen cooked and distributed over 110000 meals to displaced migrants, migrants traveling by trains, people in slum communities, and other needy people. ICID distributed over 975 grocery kits to the needy families. The organization also organized awareness programs related to COVID -19 – prevention, hygiene, social distancing and isolation and other aspects in our work areas (slum communities), purchased  medicines for the needy ailing persons and provided psychological support – counseling to quarantined people.

ICID supported poor and needy families, individuals and children in their struggle during the 2nd wave of the pandemic through a number of services. Ambulance services as well as disinfection and sanitization of homes with COVID -19 was urgent and immediate need. Therefore, ICID arranged an ambulance to give free services to the needy for a month and procured the pumps and sanitizers in order to provide sanitization services with the support of the ICID volunteers. 24 people affected by SARS-CoV-2 virus accessed ambulance services and 56 families accessed sanitization services for their homes. There was scarcity of oxygen for the patients all over in all hospitals and therefore ICID ordered 5 Oxygen Concentrators but unfortunately the consignment arrived late and only four patients could benefit from them. Two concentrators were kept with a hospital for the use of the patients from poor families. ICID also provided grocery kits to 1307 poor and needy families, hygiene kits to 296 adolescent girls, medical support to 11 needy people, educational support to 16 children and financial support to 5 families to initiate some income generation activity such as vegetable/clothe/fast food vending.