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Changed Lives

“I ran away from home due to the ill treatment by my father. I spent a couple of years in the railway station and wasted away my life. Yuvajyothi became my home that gave me a new lease of life. It taught me to live a life with respect and dignity. Yuvajyothi supported me to undergo training for four wheeler driving and then heavy vehicle driving. I have license and badge from Nagpur RTO. I worked with a transport company for a few years. I have become a professional driver and have a sound earning. I live with my parents now. I supported my family financially for my sister’s wedding. I am planning for family life in the coming year”
Sharad Pavankar

“I left my home in Orissa 11 years ago after my parents’ divorce and abuse by my father. Four years I spent in Nagpur railway station and then I met Father Herald at the railway station who invited me to Yuvajyothi. Initially I was hesitant. But gradually I made up my mind to live in Yuvajyothi. The centre  gave me what I lost from my family. It helped me to forgive and rejoin my family in Orissa. I have been trained in floral decorations and bouquets making. I work for a city based florist. I am happy with my work and earn sufficient money. I live independently in a rented room. Recently my parents and siblings visited me in Nagpur and thereupon I too visited my home and spent a few days with them.
Rajesh Goria


Yuvajyothi has been my family since 2007. I hail from Uttar Pradesh. I left home many years ago and never intended to return. Yuavjyothi helped to complete my schooling up to 10th standard. As I always had keen interest in hospitality sector, I joined Don BoscoVyawasaikPrashikshan Kendra, Pune for training and now I am working with a hotel in Pune. I am confident of a secure future. Thanks to Yuvajyothi.
Neeraj Verma


“I lost my mother at an early age and my father was absent in my life for years. He appeared all of a sudden, fell ill and died four years ago. I lived with my relatives where I was subjected to abuse especially daily wage labour. I had intended to run away but with the help of some good Samaritans I reached Yuvajyothi which I consider my true home. Yuvajyothi taught me family values and dignified living. It gave a direction to my life. I tried learning a couple of trades in which I did not succeed. Now I work with a national NGO, SAATHII as an office assistant. I am happy with my work. I have written my 10th board exams. I am learning computer. I intend to pursue higher studies too.
Kishore Solanke