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Children’s Day at Nirmal Jyothi Community Centre

Indian Centre for Integrated Development celebrated Children’s Day at Nirmal Jyothi Community Centre, Gittikhadan on 16th November. Children from Vishwas Nagar, Kholpura, Deepak Nagar, Gond, Vodar and Mangagarodi community gathered to spend a few joyful moments and to commemorate Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday.

On the day, police constables Kiran Mankar and Ashwini Ambole were present and gave awareness to the children regarding their safety. Fr. Adv. Praveen Monteiro addressed the children regarding their legal rights in detail. ICID staff member Margaret Kujur, Sharda Bhalavi, Dipika Hirekar, Rushali Fulzele were also present to assist in the management of the occasion.

Games and competitions were held for all the children. Different styles of bollywood dances were also performed by the children as a part of the cultural program. All children were given water bottles, biscuits, and school stationery as presents.

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